Penny Stocks


Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks can make investors just like you a considerable income in a short amount of time through trading them. However it must be understood that like all investments trading penny stocks is risky. And unlike certain investments such as bonds, blue chips, and commodities penny stock investing is considerably more risky.

This is because penny stocks aren’t required to adhere to the strict rules of updating their information like NASDAQ stocks, are often in the “growth stage” of the business life cycle & are usually are not currently profitable.

This means that penny stocks are very turbulent equities that experience dramatic swings up and down. These swings can make investors considerable profits in a short amount of time, but also reduce your trading capital to near zero just as quickly.

The considerably high rewards of trading penny stocks is a direct reflection to the considerable risk involved when trading them. As the old adage goes, never invest more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

If you are comfortable with high risk, high reward situations, understand the above fully, and have less than $50,000 to invest trading penny stocks might be perfect for you.
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